Friday, February 20, 2015

labor law 2006 (Bangladesh) , chapter VI

61. Safety of building and machinery :
(1) If it appears to the Inspector that any building or partof a building or any part of the ways, machinery or plant in an establishment is in such a conditions
that it is dangerous to human life or safety, hemay serve on the employer of the establishment anorder in writing specifying the measures which,in his opinion, should beadopted, and requiring them to be carried out before a specified date.
(2) If it appears to the Inspectorthat the use of any building or partof a building orof any part ofthe ways, machinery or plant inthe establishmentinvolves imminent danger tohuman life or safety,he may serve on the employer of the establishmentan order in writing prohibiting its use until it has been properly repaired or altered.


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