Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman

Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman was born in Murshidabad (India) on dated .03/12/1928. He started his career as a lecturer in Dhaka University in 1952. He changed his profession in 1964 as a lawer. 
He was the Chief Adviser of 1996 care taker government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. He was a researcher, Columnist and writer.  His some works are Law of Requisitin, Rabindra Pabandhey Prabandhey Sanjna O Parthakya Bichar (1968), Jatha-sabda (1974), Matri-bhashar Sapakshey Rabindranath (1983), Qoran-sutra (1984), Bachan O Prabachan (1985), Gangariddhi thekey Bangladesh (1985), Rabindra Rachanar Rabindra-byaksha (1986), Rabindra-kabyey Art, Sangeet O Sahitya (1986), On Rights and Remedies, Amara ki Jabo-na Tader Kachhey Jara Shudhu Banglai Katha Baley (1996). He took his last breath on earth on 11/01/2014.
Sources: bdbiography 

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