Friday, March 13, 2015

RANA Plaza Arrangement

RANA Plaza Arrangement: The day April 24th 2013,  1134 people were killed and hundreds were injured when collapsed the  Rana Plaza building in Savar, Bangladesh. To coordinated and for systematic approach to ensure the victims, their families and dependents would not have to endure ill-health and financial hardship the representatives from the government, the garment industry both locally and internationally, trade unions and non-governmental organizations, came together to form the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee. The  UN agency ILO acting as a neutral chair. The purposes of the ILO was to develop a comprehensive and independent process that would deliver support to the victims, their families and dependants in a predictable manner consistent with international labor standards. This process was agreed in late 2013, and established through an agreement known as  "The Arrangement". 
The arrangement describes themselves in the way that "The Arrangement provides a single approach for establishing the amount of financial support and level of medical care to be provided to the victims of the disaster, consistent with international labour standards concerning employment injury benefits (ILO Convention No.121). It is in the form of a practical agreement, signed by all major stakeholders, which lays out steps for the development and implementation of such an approach. It has been signed by leading buyers (Primark, Loblaw, Bonmarche, El Corte Ingles), the Bangladesh Ministry of Labour, Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF), Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), IndustriALL Bangladesh National Council, Bangladesh Institute for Labour Studies (BILS),  Industriall Global Union and Clean Clothes Campaign."
Copied and Edited from "Rana Plaza Arrangement" website. 
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